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Informationen oder Hilfe im Bereich der Psychotherapie finden Sie unter www.uhlenbrock-psychotherapie.de

A warm Welcome!


Please feel free to get a first impression and contact me directly for further information. I will be delighted to answer your questions by telephone (+49 157 39 12 18 30) or via e-mail (info@petra-uhlenbrock.de).


Weather you live in Germany, temporarily for a job or on a contract, for private reasons, or you settled down here as an expatriate - you might have experienced how difficult it can be to deal with a foreign culture.There is a new language to learn, social networks are to develop and a culture has to be discovered with all its values and traditions. Even adjusting to daily life and getting used to different life standards is not easy. Leaving one’s own native country and living in a foreign environment can produce great strain on a person’s psyche. High job requirements, separation from family and friends and a lack of recreational sources can produce psychological and somatic indisposition. At least diseases and unhappiness may manifest. There might be several complex causes of discomfort, weather this is the right country for you or how to cope with challenges around the job, with family situations, and long term plans for your future. Sometimes it is helpful to have somebody to talk to, getting new viewpoints and ideas which open doors for new solutions.


Just to get an idea about the person …

I am a 53-years-old well trained clinical psychologist with degrees in different psychotherapeutic approcaches like cognitive-behavioral-therapy, psychodynamic therapy, family therapy, system constellation work or EMDR as a modern method of trauma-therapy. Originally I grew up in northern Germany and started my work life with an apprenticeship as a bank accountant and as a secretary in business and hospitals. From 1989 to 1995  I studied Psychology (Diploma at the University of Münster) followed by years of work in psychosomatic clinics before I opened an own psychotherapeutic practice. 

During the last 35 years I have done frequent journeys to approximately 60 countries around the world discovering and experiencing their cultures and last but not least living in New Zealand for nearly a year. As you might have found out - my English knowledge is more from allday communication than from school lessons ... Travelling became a source of inspiring ‘knowledge’ which cannot be gained in books, and brought me closer to an understanding of other people’s identity and culture. In addition since the nineties my interest and experiences have led me into the spiritual and religious field (Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and several other schools and traditions). I found it fascinating to combine these amazing insights with Quantum Philosophy in our rapidly changing world.


This puzzle of life experiences is brought together in my work as a

                          consultant, coach and workshop leader

especially for difficult situations in one’s private oder professional life.


In detail this might be


  • a life changing event in health, or maritial status, or change in way of life
  • a difficult conflict in your job
  • a tricky decision to make like deciding weather or not to emigrate
  • steps for a better integration and overcoming isolation
  • developing more life quality and diminishing stress symptoms
  • a wish for further development of talents and ressources
  • saying goodbye to a beloved person or something to overcome like a lost hope
  • the aim for reconciliation and a peaceful retrospection on one's own life


Actually the Praxis for Psychotherapie, Coaching, Consulting and Workshops ist situated in Troisdorf-Spich (near Cologne and Bonn). It offers professional psychotherapy in the case of emerging psychological stress or psychosomatik deseases plus coaching/consulting and workshops on different issues. Please feel welcomed to contact me for further information.


Yours sincerely

                   Petra Uhlenbrock



Easy to get in contact ...





Petra Uhlenbrock

Diplom-Psychologin -

Psychologische Psychotherapeutin 



Tel.:     02241 84 48 222

Mobil:  0157 39 12 18 30



Über das Mobil-Telefon erreichen Sie mich schnell und oft auch direkt. Ich rufe gern zurück, wenn Sie eine Nachricht hinterlassen. Vielen Dank.

Fliersbachstrasse 7

53842 Troisdorf - Spich

Der Ortsteil Spich ist über die A59 (3 km) oder über die Bundesstraße 8 gut zu erreichen. Mehrere Bushaltestellen und die S-Bahn liegen fußläufig an oder in der Nähe der Hauptstraße von Spich, Parkplätze finden Sie direkt vor dem Haus auf dem "Spicher Platz".

Fühlen Sie sich herzlich eingeladen, für ein erstes Klärungsgespräch Kontakt aufzunehmen!